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Want to have a unique candle that really helps set the atmosphere in any room? Then you might want to try out using a Woodwick candle.

What is a Woodwick Candle?

As the name suggests, a Woodwick candle is a candle which uses a wooden wick instead of a traditional wick.

These wicks will burn slower and also have a more pleasant fragrance. People who see you burning Woodwick candles will generally inquire about it, because it's so unique. It's a great way to add ambience to your home in a very subtle way.

Where to Find Woodwick Candles on Sale

Want to find great Woodwick candles without spending a million bucks? You can, if you can find them on sale.

Because sales change all the time, we decided not to list specific sales here on our site. However, many of our advertisers (above) offer discounts and special deals that you can take advantage of.

Designed With a Sense of Beauty

As you can tell from the images of Woodwick candles at the top of the site, these candles are usually designed with a very keen sense of aesthetic.

Normal candles often run the range from looking gorgeous to looking totally plain. Woodwick candles on the other hand will almost always look incredibly classy.

Even the wooden wick adds to the sense of class of the candle. Seeing a wooden wick is just so much more romantic than seeing a normal wick.

A Range of Amazing Fragrances

Woodwick candles are generally scented. You can generally choose from many different scents available. Choose the ones that really appeal to you.

These fragrances are designed so that they're noticeable and pleasant, but not so strong that it distracts from conversation. It's just there to add a light sense of pleasure in the background.

Made from Soya Wax & Bees Wax

These candles not only look and smell nice, but the wax is made from natural and healthy ingredients as well.

Woodwick candles are made from a delicate mix of Soya Wax and Bees Wax. The fumes from burning the candle are non-combustible.

Buying at Home or In a Store?

There are pros and cons to buying online versus buying in a store. In a store, you can smell the candles, touch the wax and see the whole package in person before you hand over your credit card.

Online however, you can usually find better deals. Even including shipping, you often pay less online. If you find Woodwick candles on sale online, then you'll definitely be saving money.

In the end, it's your choice. I prefer shopping online to save money, personally.

Glass Jar, Wooden Lid, Silver Box

Not only does the candle look amazing, but so does the packaging.

The candle itself comes in a magnificent glass jar. The jar can be a multitude of colors with a range of different designs. The jar will have a real wood lid you can put on top.

The moment you open the box, you'll be hit with a sense of class. You're holding an object that a lot of care went into creating.

Even the box itself is well designed. The packaging is silver, so even before you open the box you know you're holding something incredible.

For Yourself or Somebody Else?

Woodwick candles are a great way to treat yourself. Light up a couple Woodwick candles while taking a bubble bath for an amazing mid-week vacation.

They're also great gifts. If you buy Woodwick candles on sale, you can even buy them as gifts for multiple people.

The look on your friends and your family's faces when they open their box to discover a gorgeous Woodwick candle isn't a look you will soon forget.

Lasts for Over 160 Hours!

Woodwick candles burn for a lot longer than regular candles. In fact, one woodwick candle can burn for 160 to 190 hours. That's almost a whole week if you just left it burning!

Getting Woodwick candles on sale and having them last so long can actually mean that you're saving money in the long run. Not only that, you'll have a candle you can actually be proud of.